Hazardous Activities

Elect Travel Insurance includes a high number of hazardous sporting activities at no extra charge (STANDARD), providing they are amateur activities conducted under adequate supervision and only participated on an incidental basis. 


These inclusive activities are available to be viewed on the policy terms and conditions under Hazardous Sports and Activities.

In order to be sufficiently covered, you are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment for any activity (i.e. protective clothing and/or suitable head protection). 

Participating in any hazardous activity where you are exposing yourself to a needless peril, will be excluded from cover. 

Listed below are the activities which are included within  cover SHOWN as STANDARD above:

The hazardous sporting activities which are not included within your standard cover are also shown at the appropriate multiplies

Archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, beach games, black water rafting (Grade 1 to 4), bungee jumping (Maximum of two jumps), canoeing (excluding white water canoeing of any grade), cricket, cycling (excluding BMX or mountain biking), dinghy sailing, fell walking, fencing, fishing (excluding wade fishing), football, golf, hiking (under 2,000 metres altitude), horse riding (excluding jumping, hunting, polo and racing), hot air ballooning which has been booked in the United Kingdom prior to departure, jet boating, jet skiing, jogging, marathon running, motorcycling up to 125cc (Providing rider holds a full driving license and is wearing a crash helmet), netball, orienteering, paintballing (Providing protective eye-wear and clothing worn), parascending (over water), pony trekking, racquetball, rambling,river canoeing, roller skating, roller blading, rounders, rowing, safari (if pre-booked through United Kingdom operator, excluding the use of firearms), sail boarding, sailing within territorial waters, scuba diving down to 15 metres (excluding solo dives and no dives less than 24 hours before departure), skate boarding, snorkelling, squash, surfing, tennis, track events, trekking (under 2,000 metres altitude), triathlon, volleyball, water skiing, white water rafting (up to grade 4 life vest and helmet must be worn), windsurfing, yachting (inside territorial waters).

We also provide cover for a number of Higher risk activities not shown above at an additional premium - Please contact us on 0844 980 0271 for further information