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Many thanks to all of our customers for their wonderful remarks

Dear Sir,

                   Please allow me to extend my grateful thanks for all the help and assistance which your company provided me with on my recent holiday.  My wife had the misfortune of falling on the first night of our holiday in Thailand recently and although first of all it was broken ribs, it later turned to pneumonia in the right lung as well.


At the time my mind was in turmoil as the consultant had said that the worse case scenario would be a tumour with dire consequences, but thankfully it turned out for the best.  But therein is the part that your very competent staff played.  I was called to the administrative section of the hospital in Phuket and was asked to speak with one of your staff by the name of Wendy, and I have to say she was brilliant, she put my mind at rest regarding the cost and the treatment and I would be very grateful if you would give her my thanks and best regards for being so kind and efficient.


During the coarse of the next week or so I also spoke to another young lady of which I do not know the name of, and a young man by the name of Mark who were equally as kind and efficient as Wendy so I would also like you to thank them for their help and encouragement.


They always say that insurance is only as good until you test it, well I can only say that your company came through with flying colours, and I can not speak highly enough for the way in which my case was dealt with.  It is also very comforting to know that not all insurance companies hide behind small print which is very often the case.


I can assure you that I have praised your firm to the high heavens and have already recommended a number of people who were more than interested to know where I had purchased my insurance when they heard of unfortunate circumstances that befell my wife.  So in closing please let me say once again many thanks to all concerned for the help and advice so willing given.

 Yours sincerely

 Trevor R. Morgan.



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"I wanted to tell your Company how much I appreciated your pleasant manner and your speed in generating the quotation.  Obviously I tried several other companies, but yours was the best.   I 've had other policies with you in the past and will come  to you for quotes in the future."

"Everything is now sorted out for me and I must say that all of the staff who I spoke to and had E-mails from were so very helpful. Well done Elect!  I am a fully satisfied customer"

"Thank You, Your help was very much appreciated - you can tell your Management that you
did what I consider to be a professional and thorough job."

"Very impressed with the service I have received and will certainly be
recommending you to family and friends"

"Thank you for your prompt reply.  We shall be using you again when this
policy runs out.  Many thanks"

"Many thanks indeed, and your very prompt reply is much appreciated.  The sign of an efficient organisation, sadly not always the case anymore. Rest assured that I know where to come next time!"

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