A new Drug could be out soon for Asthma sufferers

For the asthmatic, getting the common cold can be a very trying time indeed. Thankfully, a new drug named SNG001 has been found, which has been shown to significantly reduce asthma symptoms present during the first week of infection of the common cold. The findings have been described as a real 'breakthrough' by experts, and could prove to be enormously beneficial to people who suffer with asthma. In the study, a professor from the University of Southampton discovered in a trial that the drug can boost the asthmatic patient's immune system in order to fight off viruses, and consequently have an enormous impact on infections. The 134 adults who took part in the study, of which around half had difficult to treat asthma, found that the treatment made a significant difference when they had a cold.

Many asthmatics will be looking towards the Summer, and making arrangements for a holiday away. Getting travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions should be an integral part of the travel arrangements of anyone suffering from asthma, so the traveller knows that they are covered should the symptoms of their condition get worse whilst away.

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