New Diabetes Drug

The inconvenience of having to take insulin injections daily could soon be at an end for diabetes sufferers. An oral form of Victoza, a drug already approved for use in diabetes, can help the body produce its own insulin, thereby ending the necessity for insulin injections. Trials begin shortly,and could revolutionise how diabetes is treated. It is estimated that over 2.5 million British people suffer from Diabetes, a condition that develops either when the body does not produce enough insulin, or as a result of cells not responding to produced insulin.

It is unlikely that the new drug could replace insulin injections for those people with Type 1
diabetes, but could be of enormous benefit to people who have the far more common Type 2 diabetes (approximately 2 million people in the UK). If you are a diabetic, and plan to take a trip away this summer, please make sure you have travel insurance that fully covers you for your pre-existing medical condition, so that you don't suddenly find yourself facing enormous medical bills should your symptoms worsen whilst away.

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